Raise Your Tailgating Experience to New Heights

Like you, we are sports fans and love the tailgating experience.

Having years of tailgating events as a season ticket holder, our assigned tailgating area was on pavement which did not allow us the use of our stakes for our canopy, which prompted me to come up with this idea. Since I am over 6 feet tall, I constantly hit the frame of the canopy and would knock my hat and sunglasses off my head while walking into the shade. We would also have to hold the canopy down when strong winds would come through, as did the other tailgaters.

That is when I came up with the idea for Fan Feet. I wanted something that I could easily carry, that would add extra weight to the canopy and still look good. EZ Fan Feet filled that requirement.

Each “foot” can be filled with sand (not water....these are not water tight) and attach to the canopy with screws that are built into the top of the “foot”. Now with EZ Fan Feet you can have an extra 40 pounds of hold and add an additional 6 inches of height clearance with the football feet.

We know you will enjoy this as much as we do.

Buy Your EZ Fan Feet Now
for Just $69.99 a Set

Canopy not included

WARNING: EZ FAN FEET are not intended to be thrown or tossed. Injury may occur from the metal screwmount in the unit. Handle with care. EZ FAN FEET are not watertight. Do not fill with water. Use sand to fill the unit for best results.