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Tired of getting your hat and /or sunglasses knocked off when you try to get in the shade under your canopy? When the winds come, does everyone stop what they were doing and grab a leg to hold it down? No place to drive in stakes to hold the canopy in place? Now with EZ fan feet you can have an extra 40 pounds of hold and add 6” of additional clearance. Simply fill your EZ Fan Feet with sand, attach the canopy legs and you are ready to party!

Great Features

• Coolest way to anchor down and enjoy your tailgating experience.

• Made in the USA with ABS plastic and UV resistant.

• Tested to hold 10 pounds of sand without having to pack it in.

Buy Your EZ Fan Feet Now
for Just $69.99 a Set

Canopy not included

WARNING: EZ FAN FEET are not intended to be thrown or tossed. Injury may occur from the metal screwmount in the unit. Handle with care. EZ FAN FEET are not watertight. Do not fill with water. Use sand to fill the unit for best results.